AAU Smart Production is a cross disciplinary research platform at AAU running 2015-2019 with participation from several AAU departments.


To build and enhance AAUs interdisciplinary platform on manufacturing research (AAU production)
To research and demonstrate

  • how manufacturing industries can benefit from emerging technologies
  • the new promising manufacturing technologies, concepts and methodologies coming out of Industrie 4.0 (D), Smart Manufacturing (US) and equivalent initiatives

To adapt these technologies and concepts to the needs and characteristics of Danish industries

  • specific focus on regional SME


What we want to achieve in the next 4-8 years

  • Gain funding for sustaining an integrative research platform consisting of 20-25 senior researchers and 20-25 junior researchers working in close collaboration with industry, national and international researchers, as well as other platforms
  • Develop innovative research on smart production in close collaboration with key stakeholders with high industrial impact
  • Ultimately to become globally recognized as a leading competence center for innovative production


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