AAU Smart Production Contact Information

Steering Committee

Charles Møller (chair), Center for Industrial Production (CIP)

Martin Heide Jørgensen, Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering (MTECH)

Børge Lindberg, Department of Electronic Systems (ES)

Kristian G. Olesen, Department of Computer Science (CS)

Tine Herreborg Jørgensen, Department of Planning and Development

Secretary: Anders Vestergaard, Center for Industrial Production (CIP)


Project Management

WP1: Ole Madsen (MTECH), Henrik Schiøler (ES)

WP2: Torben Bach Pedersen (CS), Charles Møller (CIP)

WP3: Arne Remmen (PLAN), Brian Vejrum Wæhrens (CIP)


Project Teams

6 Ph.D. students + their supervisors


General inquiries

Ole Madsen (MTECH) or Charles Møller (CIP)