Smart Production

AAU SMART PRODUCTION focuses on how DANISH manufacturing industries can benefit from emerging technologies.

Our research focus on INTEGRATION of technology, HUMAN interaction and BUSINESS innovation.


HI-exhibition 2017

When the HI-exhibition took place in Herning, Prof. Ole Madsen was interviewed on how Industry 4.0 can be successfully integrated in production plant. Listen to the interview and watch the demonstration here:


Blog news: Gaming-software is reinventing production lines digitally.

The team has a new interesting post on the blog.

This time its focus is on a new app, which is developed by four students at Aalborg University, and can expand the posibilities within Industry 4.0.

In DK.

Postcast: "Robotic butterflies show the way to Industry 4.0"

Casper Schou, postdoc AAU is contributing to the postcast "Techtopia" #22.

"Robotic butterflies show the way to Industry 4.0"