AAU Smart Production Laboratory

A central element of the AAU Production platform is the creation of a Smart Production Laboratory. The Smart Lab is based on a donation from the Obel Family Foundation and AAU we have established first version of the Smart Production Lab in Fibigerstræde 14.

Fibigerstr├Žde 14


The Smart Production Lab is a “small factory” which:

  • Is a Playground for companies, research partners, students to collaborate on a real, physical production setup is used to integrate results from AAU Smart Production
  • Is a “meeting point” for researcher from AAU Smart Production
  • Is a platform for teaching in Smart production technologies
  • Demonstrates how manufacturing companies can benefit from Smart Production technologies

The Smart Lab is based on hardware from Festo, Siemens, Kuka and many others. Software from SAP, Festo, Siemens, ...

See a demo om modeling in Xperior.


Download a detailed description of the Smart Lab.

Smart Lab Super Users

Simon Bøgh

Casper Schou