Overview of the AAU Smart Prduction Program

Research and development

6 phds has been started under three research themes:

  • Automation
  • Digitalization
  • Organization

Developing a Smart Production Lab:

  • A Smart Production laboratory will be established where researcher can test their results, and where industrial stakeholders can experiment and test new technologies.
  • The lab will be "Front Loaded" through the acquisition of technology from an existing state-of-art Industry 4.0 platform.
  • Construction and operation will be ongoing over the life of the program 

Implementing and testing the research in real industrial settings:

  • The research will be made in close collaboration with Danish industries where the research results will be tested in real industrial settings.

Integrating results into our training and education programs:

  • The results from the research program to be included in our teaching activities. It can be in the form of student projects, integration in training for students and companies or in the form of whole new study programs.


AAU Production is organized around six work packages that reference to a steering committee with representation from six AAU departments.

WP0 Management and Coordination

WP1-3 Research Themes

     WP1 Designing Production Systems

     WP2 Proactive Supply Chains

     WP3 Sustainable Value Chains

WP4 Vision

WP5 Smart Production Lab

WP6 Education

WP7 Dissemination


3 mill. DDK / year (AAU / MADE / SPIR)
4.2 mill. DDK (Obel Family Foundation / AAU)
6.5 mill. DKK (Laurits Andersens Fond)

Affiliated research platforms

MADE, Manufacturing Academy of Denmark
MADE Digital – Application at the Innovation Foundation Denmark