AAU Smart Production Education

It is the ambition that the results from research projects should be adopted in the existing AAU educations and potentially spur new programs.

Current teaching projects

GBE5/BAIT5: Open source ERP system, MES integration, Supervisor Charles Møller

MP3: Modules for the Smart Production Lab. Supervisor: Casper Schou –MTECH

ROB5: Automatic Feeding of Parts to Smart Production Lab With Mobile Robots (Design of Little helper 6)(with Eltronic) – Supervisors : Dimitris and Simon – MTECH

VT7: Design of a modular production system for finale assembly of control boxes (Grundfos) – Supervisor: Ole Madsen.

Electronic systems:  Wireless Manufacturing – Mobile Units – supervisor: Benny Vejlgaard

CS5: Cybersecurity – supervisor:  Jens Myrup Pedersen

ROB5: Robotcoworker demo – together with LEGO - supervisors: Dimitris and Simon

VT9: Predictive maintanance (with BILA)- Supervisor: Ole Madsen

OIM7: Lab Management System, Supervisor: Charles Møller

OIM7: IoT in supply chains – with Skov, Supervisor: Charles Møller

OIM7: Coil Production at Danfoss Cooling, Supervisor: Charles Møller

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