AAU Smart Produktion på HI17

Kom og mød os på Herning Industri messe i dagene 3/10 – 5/10. Du finder os på FESTO’s stand i hal E, hvor vi har taget et udsnit af vores Industri 4.0 produktionsanlæg med. Så kig forbi og hør mere om fremtidens produktion og de mange spændende forskningsprojekter på AAU.


AAU Smart Production Events


Opening of the Smart Production Lab
Common room + lab, Fib 14
Friday Sep. 2 14 – 16

Based on a donation from the Obel Family Foundation and AAU we have established first version of a Smart Production Lab.

This laboratory is built as an element of a 4-year research program: Smart Production, which brings together a number of AAU's strong academic environments around research in production.

In Smart Production we will research promising new production technologies and concepts, especially from the IT area and examine how these can be adapted to Danish conditions. The Smart Production Lab will act as a common platform where researchers and students together will companies (technology providers and end users) can meet and integrate/test their solutions.


MADE Open Lab, 30/11 2016



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